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Arizona Wholesale Requirements

Authorized retail business operators can have an account with SkyCo Distro. However, to purchase certain product categories, you may be required to provide additional licenses and/or documents.

In addition to a Federal Tax ID Number (also known as an EIN or FEIN), one of the following documents is required to have a wholesale account with us:

Transaction Privilege Tax License (TPT) most common
Arizona Form 5000A* less common
Uniform Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate** least common

* Arizona Form 5000A is valid for non-wholesalers only.
**This document fairly uncommon and for the sake of brevity is not mentioned in this article.

Note: In the State of Arizona, retailers or wholesalers are not required to submit additional documents to purchase tobacco, vapor, or e-cigarette products from us.

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Transaction Privilege Tax License (TPT)

This is what allows us to sell products to you without collecting sales tax. You cannot apply for an account without this license. When your license expires, you will have to resubmit a valid document before being able to view or purchase products from us.

Learn more about obtaining an Transaction Privilege Tax License (TPT)

Arizona Form 5000A

This is a very uncommon and scenario-specific document that is only valid if you do not possess a TPT and are re-selling our products to the US Government or non-profit organizations.

Link to Arizona Form 5000A

For more information from the State of Arizona on the Transaction Privilege Tax License (TPT) or Arizona Form 5000A, please visit their website: Arizona Department of Revenue.