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White Rhino - Flip Chillum G.I.T.D 49pk Display

White Rhino - Flip Chillum G.I.T.D 49pk Display



Introducing the Chillum to Straw Glow in the Dark! This revolutionary, 2-in-1 product lets you take your smoking experience to an entirely new level. The unique glass tip works not just as a chillum, but also as a nectar collector for wax and concentrated oils. Just cartwheel the glass tip out of the silicone body and rotate it to switch effortlessly between functions! Plus, rest assured knowing that your materials are safe in the quartz glass tip- it's specifically designed for high temperature use with concentrates, so you can get all of your desired effects without ever having to worry about burning yourself or your concentrates.

Enter a world of pure convenience with this one-of-a-kind smoker's accessory. The Chillum to Straw Glow in the Dark has everything you need for an amazing smoking experience: its sophisticated design, convenient 2-in-1 functions, and unbeatable pyrex glass construction, it really is an indispensable companion for anyone who loves their smoking ritual. Get ready to light up in style your trust glow-in-the-dark Chillum to Straw!

49 pack display.

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