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Honeybee Herb - Whirlwind

Honeybee Herb - Whirlwind



  • Outer Diameter - 25mm
  • Thickness - 3mm
  • Edge - Bevel
  • 90° Frosted Joint
  • Butane Torch Recommended

This piece follows the same idea as the original Honeybee Herb Bevel that comes with the Beveled Edge. This banger arrives in both the 45-degrees and the 90-degree designs. This is a seamless joint that is made from real quartz material. We had an idea to protect your banger from any poor torch aim and adding strength where it’s already a challenge to do so as we’re talking about a product made from 100% quartz front to back.

The design of this is sturdy what makes it perfect for a stronger and smoother hit. Get the deal as we are offering the considerable price difference we offer in comparison to other single weld units on the market.

This banger also has the feature of 2pcs Tourbillon/ Spinning Holes that gives you the time to enjoy long hauls. It has been made with a bucket thickness of 3mm, a bucket OD 25mm, and a bucket height of 42mm. It is recommended to use the butane torch with all our equipment rather than propane to guarantee being set for the long haul.

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