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Heady Swabs - Ewok Elevator Swabs

Heady Swabs - Ewok Elevator Swabs

BRAND: SkyCo Distro



Heady Swabs teamed up with @EwokGlass to create the Elevator Swab! This swab is specifically designed to clean the extra deep Slurper Nails and more. They added a thicker, longer 6 inch bamboo stick to reach all of the hard to reach spaces on your Slurper. This new design allows you to get deep into the pockets where the concentrates build up.

Heady Swabs is revolutionizing quartz maintenance to bring you a better experience. Their organic cotton slurper swab at the tip is made for the consumer that considers their time just as valuable as their quartz.

Organic Bamboo & Cotton

50 Swabs Per Box

EWOK Designed & Approved

100% Biodegradable

Professional Absorption Technology

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