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Ghost - Spirit Blend Gummies 7000mg

Ghost - Spirit Blend Gummies 7000mg

BRAND: SkyCo Distro



From Ghost comes another potent and flavor-filled experience! Every jar contains 20 delicious gummies infused with a potent 350mg of live badder THC-A. This blend results in an astonishing 7000mg of THC-A in every jar. These gummies are a testament to Ghost's expertise and commitment to products of the highest quality. 

The Ghost Spirit Blend gummies boast an array of four delicious flavors to choose from that deliver a taste that matches their purity and potency. These gummies are third-party lab tested to ensure they meet Ghost's high standard for safety and quality. 

Available in: Electric Lemonade, French Cookies, Lucid Dream, and Rainbow Mintz.

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