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EMPIRE Recycler - Save The Bees

EMPIRE Recycler - Save The Bees

BRAND: Empire Glassworks



Bees are important to the ecosystem. We need them to help spread pollen and keep plants flourishing. This dab rig is laden with honey drops and roaming bees. The beehive in the center helps to break up the percolation from the base at the bottom of the rig.

The base gets covered with a couple of inches of water and then displaces the water up and causes lots of filtration and drains back down the recycling tube. This rig is on the taller side so it can hold a pretty large dab or bong rip depending on how you decide to use it.



  • Height: 6in
  • Base width: 4in
  • 4mm borosilicate glass
  • Honey Bee Cap and Terp Pearls included
  • 14mm female ground joint
  • 14mm quartz banger included
  • Klein recycler tube
  • Covered in honey bees!
  • Sandblasted logo

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