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Empire Bowl Piece - Strange Flower

Empire Bowl Piece - Strange Flower

BRAND: empire glassworks




Handcrafted Glass Herb Bowl

The Stranger Flower bowl from Empire Glassworks was inspired by the American sci-fi horror series ‘Stranger Things’ and sculpted by hand in representation of the blood-thirsty Demogorgon monster. Each of these paranormal water pipe bowls feature fully worked and coloured accents made from high quality borosilicate glass and custom hand-mixed colours. Equipped with a 14mm male ground joint, the Stranger Flower bowl will fit comfortably into any water pipe with a 14mm female joint. Experience the alternate dimension known as “the Upside Down” from the comfort of your own living room with a little help from the Empire Glassworks Stranger Flower bowl.

Stranger Bowl Features:

  • Size: 14mm Male Joint
  • Premium Borosilicate Glass
  • Worked Glass Accents
  • Intricate Lampwork
  • Made in USA

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