The most Highly Educated way to enjoy your terps is here.

The most Highly Educated way to enjoy your terps is here.

Tired of having to waste it to taste it? Enjoy the most innovate banger of 2021, The Gavel SE by Highly Educated. Terps this good beg the question: "HOW?"

We're here to give you the answer.

The Gavel SE utilizes the new SURFACE ENHANCED quartz floor to promote nucleate boiling. 

Surface Enhanced, refers to the grid like pattern you see at the bottom of the INSIDE of the banger. (not the beautiful design Highly Educated blessed the bottom of this banger with) The bottom engraving will become visible from the top when the floor surface is wet, and become hidden again when the floor surface is dried. 
(Surface Enhanced quartz floor)

Nucleate boiling can be described as a way to help rapidly increase vaporization rates. By creating more surface area with the textured floor, the banger gives more of the liquid an oppurtunity to vaporize at the same time.

What does that mean for your smoke sesh? Lower temp hits that have better vapor production. Lower temperatures will always have better terp vaporization that promote the amazing flavor you'd expect from a banger like this. Check out the graphic below (which as been sped up) to see how Surface Enhanced stands against the classics.

The Surface Enhanced vaporizes the liquid in half the time of the other the classic clear and opauque bangers!

With a gritted texture you might think cleaning would be a challenge. No need to fear, they really thought of literally EVERYTHING. The Surface Enhanced floor was desinged with ease of cleaning in mind. Highly Educated suggests cleaning your banger with swabs and iso to maintain the absolute best flavor possible.

From the beautiful design of the banger to the out of this world functionality, we are pleased to say that this is certianly a SkyCo Favorite!

Check out the Highly Educated - The Gavel SE on SkyCo Distro here!

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