Skunk Bags: Cuz Everything Else Stinks

Skunk Bags: Cuz Everything Else Stinks

Let your style run the streets...

     ...with one of Skunk Bag’s many innovative and contemporary designs. With Skunk, you know pungent odors won’t be the reason you’re turning heads. Skunk Bag’s revolutionary Smell Proof technology locks in powerful odors and keeps your valuables safe. Skunk Bags worked over 3 years on perfecting their SK9 smell proof technology and brought luggage locking privacy to everyday apparel & accessories. 


Skunk’s technology is far from simple. Rubber backed, activated carbon, foam filter… how can all these come together to give you the peace of mind of a smell-proof bag

      🦨 Starting with their rubber backed nylon fabric; a feature unique to Skunk, helps to keep all smell in while keeping water out.

      🦨 It then turns into a thin and cool layer of thermal foil; working to keep the internal temperature of the bag regulated. A cooler bag helps to keep smells dormant & maintain ideal temperature and humidity for anything you keep in your bag. 

     🦨 The smell proof magic starts here in the third  layer; the foam layer. It’s made to add padding to the bag & protect valuables, all while retaining any aromatic smells trying to pass through. 

     🦨 Next up is the layer of industrial grade activated carbon felt. This carbon lined fabric  is where most of the smell retention happens. Carbon holds strong odors in, neutralizing even the finest odours molecules


     🦨 The airflow lining layer follows the carbon activated felt to help ensure smells are trapped in the carbon. Composed of a mesh-like material, it maximizes the efficiency of smell retention by allowing air to move through the bag and against the carbon lining. Bag still smells like those dirty gym clothes? This layer allows you to be able to reactivate the carbon layer by promoting efficient airflow inside of the bag.

     Simply, empty all bag contents, flip it inside out & throw it in the dryer for a few minutes. In a rush? Hit the inside of the bag with a hair dryer set to warm for the same effect! Your bag will smell like new, and be ready to absorb any new stinks

     🦨 The last layer of the smell proof technology comes from the water & smell-proof double zippers. By lining the inner zipper with a water-proof seal, Skunk makes sure smells and more are locked into your bag. 

     🦨 The second zipper ensures privacy by clipping into the customizable & adjustable padlock. Check out the video above to see how to set or reset your code. This lock is easy to use and provides a peace of mind when taking your important technology and valuables with you. Whether your bag is in your gym locker, or on your back in a crowded amusement park, you can enjoy your time knowing all your valuables are locked-up and safe.   

Smell-proof Technology doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your swag. Offering a wide variety of styles, patterns and colors, Skunk keeps you looking and smelling great. 

  • Heavy-duty travelers may enjoy the Skunk’s larger, luggage style bags like the Hybrid Duffle & Midnight Duffle. 
  • Full size backpacks like their Element or Nomad skaters Bags offer an every-day vibe for easily carrying laptops and more.
  • For the minimalists and compact travelers, their mini backpacks, hipster, and hand size carry bags offer organization and accessibility for all of your goodies.
  • The Rig pack & pilot 2.0 bag offer a case like protection in the easy to carry contemporary look we’ve come to know from Skunk Bags.

Why sell Skunk Bags in your store? They offer more than any other smell-proof bag in the industry! With modern styles and the latest technology, Skunk is the brand that answers the modern consumer’s prayers.

Want to learn more about how to carry Skunk Bags? Become a SkyCo Distro Wholesale Partner today by filling out our wholesale application, or e-mailing us at at any time! 

A note From Skunk Bags:

bags and luggage are not affiliated with SKUNK® and SKUNK BRAND® papers and smoking accessories or SKUNK SACKTM “odor free” storage bags.

bags and luggage are often imitated. Only genuine bags and luggage feature our smell-proof technology and our symbol

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