Make your Marbles and Pearls Spin…

Make your Marbles and Pearls Spin…


With so many accessories, and parts needed now for dabbing it can seem intimidating to add something else to the mix.


 (Reference A) (J Creature 3 Piece Terp Slurper Set


Terp pearls and marbles, while small, make the largest difference in your experience with concentrates.


Terp pearls are small round shaped pieces of glass, quartz, or other materials generally used in a banger for concentrate hits. Marbles are very similarly shaped, but are larger in size to restrict airflow from the top of the banger like a carb cap. (See Reference A for a video of a full set)  
 Terp pearls are used in a banger to increase the surface area that your concentrates are exposed to, resulting in much larger hits. (Reference video B) 

 (Reference B) (Functionality Post By @digger.dibs on Instagram) 


They are also very good at retaining heat in the banger. This added heat retention means you’re able to take your hits at a much lower temperature than you normally would, giving you a much cooler and enjoyable hit.



(Str8 Glass Fancy Marble Carb Cap )

Marbles also do a very important job in the dabbing experience. They are meant to be used on top of the banger as a carb cap, also known as the part, that really causes the restricted airflow and pull of the banger once the concentrates have been added in. Some smaller marbles may be used as valve marbles, to restrict airflow in different parts of a banger.


There is a wide variety of terp pearls available now. They range in what they are made of and what styles they are made into. They can be made of borosilicate glass, Quartz, Ruby, or Sapphire. They will all range in price based on what they are made of. Their material make up can greatly affect the market price.

The biggest differences you will see between the various materials they’re made of is going to be their heat retention. With the nicer quality materials, like Ruby and Sapphire, you’ll get great heat retention meaning you can take a lower temperature hit while still getting efficient vaporization. 

The different styles of pearls you can get are going to depend on the type of banger you have. For a basic banger you can go with your traditional round cut or diamond cut terp pearls which generally are 4-6mm in thickness.

 Then you have your more unique shaped pearls like your Pillars and joint pearls. Pillars will be a pill shape pearl that gets used in the middle of a terp slurper banger. Your pillar will always be followed by your joint pearl (or valve marble), this will be a traditional circle shaped marble, much larger than a normal terp pearl but smaller than your top marble, made to be able to block the joint of the banger and add another spot for vaporization.


For a basic bucket banger, you will want to put your terp pearls into the banger before heating. Once you have your piece set up with the banger and terp pearls you’ll want to heat the bottom and sides of the bucket for about 30-45 seconds. At that point you can go about temping your banger to take the optimal low-temp hit. 


Once your banger has reached the desired temperature you can then drop your concentrates into the bucket. Once your hit is fully melted off the tool, place your carb cap on top and enjoy your hit. (Reference Video C)  


(Refernce C) (Educational functionality video posted by @yodabbadabbatools) 

(Yo Dabbadabba Cyclone Cap Set Shown Above)  


 For a terp slurper you will want to place your pearls before heating. You’ll start with either a basic round pearl or a pillar in the main chamber of the banger. You’ll then go on to put in your joint marble and begin your heating. With such increased surface area, you will want to heat the banger longer than normal. You will also want to make sure to heat the sides of the banger’s base and barrel to ensure your pearls are evenly heated. You’ll then go on to temp your banger, and once it has had a couple seconds to cool down, you can place your top marble or carb cap. At your desired temperature you can then place your concentrates on the side of the main chamber, or barrel, of the terp slurper until it melts off into the dish. Be sure to pull hard enough to spin your pillar or pearls and enjoy your hit. (Reference Video D)  

(Refernce D) (Educational functionality video posted by @yodabbadabbatools)

(Yo Dabbadabba Banger & Marble Shown Above)  


In most other variations of heating terp pearls in bangers, you will use similar methods. It is important to remember to heat your pearls inside the banger. This will prevent stress on your pearls that can cause cracking and breakage. If you add pearls to your banger after it has been heated, it will not provide the heat retention effects they are intended for. Adding cold or cool pearls will only cool your banger and concentrates down. 


 (Refernce E) (Educational functionality video posted by @yodabbadabbatools)

(Yo Dabba Dabba Banger & Terp Slurper Set Shown Above)


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