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White Rhino Silicone Dab Out

White Rhino Silicone Dab Out

BRAND: White Rhino



A Dugout made for concentrate users! The sleeve is made from heat-resistant, glow-in-the-dark silicone. With three separate compartments for your concentrates and storage for all nectar collector parts, the DabOut is the most convenient nectar collector on the market. All you need is a torch!


  • 21ct counter display

  • Glow in the dark silicone

  • 7 color options

  • Quartz glass nectar straw

  • Metal dab tool

  • Nectar collector function

  • Concentrate dugout

  • 3 extract storage compartments

  • Extremely heat resistant

Quick cleaning tip: Silicone will attract dust and lint over time. Take a piece of tape and rub up and down the dugout to clean.

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