XL Hand Cannon Pipe from Wolf Grinders

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Ready. Aim. Fire!

The Cannon Pipe from Wolf Grinders presents a bead-blasted and anodized hand pipe CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for serious performance. This innovative take on the spoon pipe uses modern technology and design for your immediate convenience. It features a swivel cover with a built-in pick piece, ideal for sterling performance while on the go. The included smell proof silicone cap keeps the Canon pipe discreet, even when on crowded trains and buses. While most aluminum pipes are known for harsher hits, the Cannon Pipe employs a removable 22mm quartz glass bowl for pure, clean tokes.

  • CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Swivel cover
  • Built-in pick piece
  • Removable 22mm quartz glass bowl
  • Optional stainless-steel screen
  • Smell proof silicone cap
  • Bead-blasted and anodized
  • Choose from 7 eye-catching colors
The perfect pocket pipe for the on-the-go cannabis user. The pipe body is CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and fitted with a removable 27mm quartz glass bowl.
The stem of the pipe folds up and around the body and is held in place by 8 neodymium rare earth magnets to ensure the pipe remains closed when not in use.
Pick-piece screws into the back of the pipe body to make it easy to ash out anywhere. Bead blasted and anodized for a vibrant finish.
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