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MJ Arsenal - LE Polar Pipe Mini Water Pipe

MJ Arsenal - LE Polar Pipe Mini Water Pipe

BRAND: MJ Arsenal



What has the MJA North Pole team been working on all year? The Great Northern Workshop have outdone themselves, introducing the Limited Edition Polar Water Pipe by MJ Arsenal. 

Wintry aesthetics, candy canes, and holiday vibes, all forged into the DNA of this water pipe. How does Santa stay focused during such a long night of work? The Polar Pipe is never far from his workbench. There are some Elf rumors that his sleigh was upgraded with a holster perfectly fit for Polar ;)

Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary holiday experience with Limited Edition MJ Arsenal.

Disclaimer: we do not condone any use of our products with reindeer powered sleighs.

Polar Water Pipe- Limited Edition

(1) Polar Water Pipe

(1) Limited Edition 10mm candy cane flower bowl

(1) Limited Edition 10mm detachable candy cane downstem 

Height: ~7 inches

Width:  ~5.5 inches

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