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Loud Lock Mylar Zip-Lock Bag 100pk - 1 Gram (WHITE)

Loud Lock Mylar Zip-Lock Bag 100pk - 1 Gram (WHITE)



Loud Lock Grip n Pull Mylar Bags are designed by packaging supply industry leaders with versatility and durability in mind. Each bag can hold one gram of product. Plus, the all-white mylar bags are high-quality and child-resistant. These resealable bags for packaging by Loud Lock are engineered to keep odors in while locking minors out. The Grip n Pull method requires you to grip the bag while quickly pulling up and then down to release the opening on the bag. This Grip n Pull design also locks in odor for an effective, long-term storage solution.

These Grip n Pull bags are a great alternative to pop top vials and can be used in many industries. Plus, these high-quality mylar bags can be easily heat sealed with most food grade heat sealing machines! Simply seal above the tear notches to extend the shelf life of your products, add a layer of protection, and prevent any product damage from the outside elements!

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