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Hippie Whippy - 6pk Canister

Hippie Whippy - 6pk Canister

BRAND: Trippie Hippy



Product Features:

    The Hippie Whippy™ 580 gram whip cream chargers contain only the highest quality food-grade nitrous oxide gas available on the market. We have taken steps to make sure that the quality of our products is unmatched inside and out. These large-capacity, fully-recyclable canisters can produce exceptional whipped cream again and again. Unlike the available mass-produced canned alternatives, making homemade whipped cream provides a fresher taste without added chemicals and preservatives. The result is tastier, healthier, and more fun!

    In addition to whipped cream, Hippie Whippy™ chargers and canisters can also be used in conjunction with all standard dispensers to make hot or cold foams, rapid culinary infusions, infused drinks, cocktails, and much more!

    Every 580 gram canister comes with a pressure release nozzle. It is important to completely empty every canister before disposal/recycling to avoid dangerous problems in the disposal process. If you have lost the included pressure release nozzle, you can order a replacement in our Pressure Regulators section.

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