GRAV® - Clear Vapor Straw & Dish 5pk

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SUGGESTED MSRP: $20 / set OR $9.99 per nectar collector / dish
It's hard to find a simpler way to smoke concentrate than the GRAV® Vapor Straw & Dish. This item includes a thick glass dish where you can place your concentrate during use. Then all you have to do is heat the tapered end of the Straw with a lighter (don't use a torch because the high heat can seal the straw), and put the heated tip into your concentrate while inhaling through the other end of the straw. This piece is designed with a tapered tip and a pinch restriction so that it's safe for vapor consumption, as well as a marble roll stop to keep the Straw in place when you put it down. For those times you wish you could put your rig in your pocket, reach for the Vapor Straw & Dish instead. It's as easy as taking a sip.

This price is for: Single Pack - including 1 Vapor Straw, 1 Dish for $19.99

 Comes with: Dabbing Dish 

Designed by: Sanders Sissom
Length height: 7"
Use with: Concentrate



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