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Dab Nation - Banger Saver

Dab Nation - Banger Saver

Dab Nation

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The Dab Nation Banger Saver provides a convenient neat-and-discreet method of safely grabbing warm and/or dirty bangers and carb caps when you've got to go in a hurry! The 3" x 3" storage case is crafted from platinum-cured silicone, meaning its rugged enough to drop from 6 feet onto solid concrete without your glass feeling a thing. Part of its unbeatable support comes from an array of stabilizing pegs that secure your bangers and carb caps during transport. When you've got some solid sesh time it doubles as a convenient dab station where you can dock your inserts, carb caps and dab tools while you're waiting for them to cool down. It locks securely when you're in transit, but opens easily thanks to carefully molded corners for ideal thumb placement. Perfect for the jetsetting concentrate connoisseur, there's really nothing else like the Dab Nation Banger Saver! 
  • Ample 3" x 3" dimensions
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Molded corners for ideal thumb placement
  • Crafted from rugged platinum-cured silicone
  • Stabilizing pegs for added security
  • Doubles as dab station for docking inserts, caps, and dab tools
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