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Honeybee Herb - Honey Disc Deep Dish

Honeybee Herb - Honey Disc Deep Dish

BRAND: HoneyBee Herb



  • Honey Disc Lays Flat During Use
  • Outer Diameter - 25mm
  • Thickness - 2mm
  • Edge - Flat Top
  • 90° Clear Joint
  • Butane Torch Recommended
  • Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm, 6mm, 8mm (Can you pearls under disc)

Sweeter than honey is a serious understatement when describing the Honey Disc Deep Dish. This quartz banger is redefining the way we dab, and we're loving every hit it grants! These incorporate a honey disc that lays flat while you're using it. And with an outer diameter of 25mm, you'll never find monster slabs difficult to handle.

This insane quartz banger is bringing on top-tier thickness with a 2mm thickness on the walls. And the bottom diameter is 2mm, allowing your concentrate to build up a bit higher than in other bangers. With the 90° joint, you'll also find this piece is kicking it old school with a timeless aesthetic everyone admires.

The Honey Disc Deep Dish comes with options to ensure it'll work with your favorite dab rig. You'll choose from Sizes including 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. And you'll decide whether you need a Male or Female connector. But you'll want to order yours ASAP because the Honey Disc Deep Dish is one of the most sought-after quartz bangers the industry has to offer. Place your order now!

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